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You think I'm the hero...

...but I know I'm not

Sean Cameron
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[This is NOT Sean Cameron or Daniel Clark's journal. So don't ask if it is.]

Alex, Jay, and Me - No we aren't doing anything bad

The name is Sean Cameron and yes I did deafen a kid in Wasaga Beach. Have a problem with that? No? Good.

I'm actually not as tough as I look. Yes, I pack a mean punch but I do have a softer side, just ask Emma or Ellie. Though they may not agree with me at the minute.

My friends take me for who I am and I apperciate that more then they know. I would do anything to help or defend them. My friends are Alex, Jay, Ellie, Emma, and a few others. I don't make the first step to become friends but once you get to know me and I get to know you then yeah, we're set for life.</center>